"The Portal" above is from the latin word "Porta" meaning the gate, "the entrance", "the passage". "the way" - but you knew this didn't you? - first declension feminine like "Mensa" - remember?

This page can lead you into one of our very helpful specialist websites.

Diploma Courses for Celebrants - who wish to go deeper into refined training, meaning, history and spirituality of secular celebrancy. It is for the celebrant who wants to understand the intangible infrastructure of their community and society, or would like to learn more about themselves and how human being operate. the Diploma of Marriage Celebrancy can include the Certificate IV (see below). This is our best work. Deborah Roffey - +61 430 102 232.

Finding a good celebrant - look, I'll be perfectly honest with you. Some celebrants on this site are top of the range - a few could be not up to standard. You have to work this out by studying their website and talking to them on the phone. See "Choosing a celebrant" on our Index and Information site. It is a big decision. But here is a good list anyway. Many are graduates of this college - needless to say, they stand out. If you are a celebrant and you want a one page personal website please contact Dally Messenger on +61 411 717 303.

OPD Ongoing Professional Development - for Australian Celebrants who wish to stay that way. WE teach OPD well. We are determined not to be boring - We are set on giving celebrants learning activities which are really worthwhile and enjoyable. Please ring Yvonne Werner on 1300 446 786. or better

Certificate IV in Celebrancy (suspended) There is a New Certificate IV in Celebrancy (2017) and due to circumstances, including the enormous expense of becoming an Regsistered Training Organisation and bureaucratic supervison by non-celebrants, we have decided not to be part of it. We also think there are thousands more celebrants than is necessary. However, for the sake of those who believe that celebrancy is their calling we will be suggesting options for studying this certificate in the near future.

Our Index and Information Site - What a mine of information this is! 27 entries on getting married, and 12 articles on the certificate IV in Celebrancy. There are 20 articles on Funerals. There are Keynote speeches, letters to the Attorney-General. There are documents on the the ACCC and how celebrants should be able to set their own fees/hourly rates for funerals. There are many reflections on how Funeral Directors effectively set fees for celebrants. There are downloads of special forms and special articles etc etc. Consider yourself lucky to have a site like this. Dally Messenger on +61 411 717 303.

The ICCA -The International College Association - this was set up for the Alumni of the College. Then we discovered we had friends who shared our high ideals, so we made it Alumni and Friends - and then we discovered we had more friends than we thought we had - so if you support us, share our ideals, want to come to dinner with us, need to belong to a Professional Association with a high Standard of Service, Code of Ethics etc, want to pick our brains, prepared to pay your $50, you are welcome. Lynnette Olsen on +61 417 372 520 or Leone Oakhill on +61 419 738 534.

The Celebrants Centre (or Center if you are American) - Here you can buy Dally Messenger's wonderful how-to books on ceremonies, his book on the History of Celebrancy, the average books of others, CDs, certificates, celebrant aids, and a lot more; you can ask poor overworked Yvonne to laser print all your wedding and naming certificates (for a small fee). She is so very generous in giving celebrants free advice. Yvonne Werner on 1300 446 786.

Funerals by Celebrants - this site gives the general public general information about funerals, how funeral celebrants operate and other helpful information — like poetry chosen by Mark O'Connor. Dally Messenger on +61 411 717 303.

Eulogies by Celebrants - this site is somewhat out of date in general but not in its content. It is valuable in that it gives examples of secular funeral eulogies and ceremonies by practising celebrants and much helpful information. Dally Messenger on +61 411 717 303.

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